- Complexity of a cell and every organism

- DNA - God's Amazing Programming; evidence of his existence

- Everything on Earth is fine tuned in perfect balance to support life:

      - Quantum Physics 

      - distance from the Earth to the sun

      - the earth's rotation and length of year

      - the atom

      - amount of water on Earth's surface

      - types and amount of gasses in Earth's atmosphere

      - too much gravity, we would be squashed 

      - too little gravity, we would float away

Question 3:

How do you account for the laws of nature?

How do you account for the laws of nature?

Consider the complexity of a single cell, DNA, Quantum Physics,and the perfect balance of gases in the air, the complexity of the atom, water, and gravity to sustain life on the earth.

Just a chance happening?  It could not have happened just by chance.