Be sure to ask what the church that you choose believes.

They should believe:

       - All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God

       - In the confession of and repentance from sin

       - That the Bible alone is the inspired Word of God

       - Salvation through the cleansing blood of Jesus 

For fellowship with believers, worship, and sound Bible-based teaching these churches are recommended:

        - Assembly of God

          - Church of God

          - Pentecostal Church of God

          - Church of the Nazarene

          - Southern Baptist

          - Conservative Baptist

          - Iglesia El Calvario  (Spanish)

​          - Good News Church - Hungry Generation (Pasco, WA)

          - There are other good churches that are not mentioned

 Although there are many very good churches, many adhere to  a very humanistic gospel, or have adopted doctrines that  may not be based upon God's  Word,and are not recommended.


Find a local Bible based church for answers to your questions about God and Jesus and for fellowship with other believers.